Scar Tissue Release Therapy

What many of my patients don’t realize is the physiological impact that scars can have on their bodies — whether its a minor scar earned by falling off a tricycle at age four, a high-school football injury, or a C-section scar sustained during the birth of a child. I’ve treated many patients over the years whose problems could be traced back to a scar they had forgotten they even had. While not every scar presents a problem, many do. If your body doesn’t breakdown scar tissue completely, it will often spread — triggering your body to compensate. Any kink, pull or restriction in one area can affect everything else. If your movements are restricted, your muscles will be forced to work harder. If your nerves are trapped, your circulation can be restricted — and so on. The reason for this is because you’re essentially held together by one huge single sheet of connective tissue, or fascia. This fascia wraps around your entire body like an intricate spider web and influences the way you function — from your muscles and your bones, to your organs, nerves, veins and arteries.

The STRAIT method™

The Scar Tissue Release and Integrated Therapies method —STRAIT™, for short — is a three-dimensional, fascial-release system that works to minimize scar-tissue development and the subsequent physiological restrictions. Adhered tissues are released and then realigned from their starting point, which is the visible scar, to their end point — where the line of frozen fascia stops. No matter how new or old your scar, Scar Tissue Release Therapy can help. Even decades-old scars can be released. Debbie*, 35, came to me several years ago for help with what she thought was carpal tunnel syndrome. After noticing a large scar on her wrist, I asked her where it had come from. She explained that, when she was nine-years old, she had put her hand through a window while chasing her brother. After working on her hand for two sessions, scars from the glass cuts were reduced visibly by about 80 percent. Debbie’s full range of motion was returned in her hand and wrist and the numbness she’d been experiencing disappeared. *Client name changed to protect identity

Benefits of scar-tissue release therapy:

There are multiple reasons to undergo scar tissue release therapy.

  • Lessens the appearance of scars
  • Helps to prevent and reduce adhesions forming after injury or surgery
  • Restore nerve function including numbness, pain and sensitivity
  • Reduce pain and restriction (including cording and dragging)
  • Helps to relieve stress on the body from fascial tension
  • Improves flexibility
  • Reduces muscle spasms
  • Promotes balance in the body
  • Helps maintain good posture
  • Improves athletic performance
  • Reduces the risk of muscle tears and strains
  • Improves the flow of oxygen and nutrients through the body
  • Helps regain and maintain a full range of joint movement
  • Stimulates lymph circulation
  • Reduces the possibility of long-term problems due to fascial adhesions

I believe that Scar Tissue Therapy should play a major supportive and therapeutic role to anyone living with the physical, emotional and mental effects of scar tissue and adhesion. And I’m all too happy to help. Please get in touch if you’d like more information or to set-up an appointment.

Factors Affecting How You Scar

Factors that affects how you heal and scar include the size and depth of your injury, how your were injured, the color or your skin, your age, wound infections, your nutrition, generalized body inflammation, your stress levels, the topical creams or ointments placed on your skin, pregnancy and your fitness/ or degree of exercise you do. Different parts of you body also heal differently with an increased risk of scar formation around your joints. In addition the amount of physical tension placed on the developing scars also affects how they form.

The body is composed of four main tissue types (epithelium, muscle, nervous and connective tissues) which all heal and scar slightly differently. Therefore these tissues all require and respond to different treatment techniques. The connective tissues, which make up the fascia network hold all the other tissue types together and plays an integral role in scar formation. Scarring also influences how the fascia network functions, influencing how your tissues glide and slide which then affects your posture and movement. An integrated approach to scarring is offered at Perth Neurofascia Clinic.

If you have a scar that you don’t like, restricts your movement, limits what you can do in life, is causing you emotional distress or is painful, treatment options are available.


What is Scar Tissue?

Scar tissue has a different composition to the tissue that it has replaced, but scar tissue is still a growing, living tissue within the body which has a purpose. The production of this new tissue begins directly after injury with the instigation of wound healing. The tissue is laid down rapidly in order to close a wound, reduce the risk of infection and allow a person to function in order to survive. Injury changes the distribution of mechanical tension through out the body. Scar formation is influenced by the degree and direction of tension within and around the site of injury. This tension is beneficial as it helps direct the repair process, however excessive levels of tension can result in excessive levels of tissue production resulting in stiff, thick, and dysfunctional scars.

What Marjorie’s Clients Have Been Saying

“Marjorie’s work is life changing, I highly recommend her to everyone who has had any type of surgery. I have tried many different kinds of therapies the past 18 months to heal from my emergency surgery, and was still struggling with lack of movement and pain and difficulty doing everyday activities.  After just one session with Marjorie the area around the surgery is moving freely, pain is gone, I feel more like myself and am able to do activities that were not possible for me before. I am amazed at the amount of healing just from one session, it is a miracle.  Additionally, Marjorie is very professional, understanding and kind.  I am very grateful for her amazing work.”  Fereshteh Samsami, Amsterdam, Holland


“I was fortunate enough to have a massage with Marjorie in Sydney, Australia on her recent visit. I was astonished by the immediate results and by Marjorie’s open, giving attitude. Post massage benefits included greater energy, improved posture, a huge sense of release and opening to my abdomen which had felt frozen after a liver transplant and follow up debridements. It was such a relief. Emotionally I felt noticeably stronger after the treatment.”  Deborah Martin-Smith, Australia

“I am so grateful to have found Marjorie! She has helped me and my family so much. I had no idea how much adhesive tissue I had accumulated on my ribcage from a childhood of playing soccer until Marjorie pointed it out and began working her magic. I was struggling with many unstable vertebrae in my back that needed constant correction to avoid pain (aka throwing my back out). Marjorie’s work releasing the damaged tissue across my ribs and stomach helped tremendously. My back has been more stable than I ever thought possible (and held beautifully on a recent trip to Europe!). She also helped my father after he was having a constant ‘pinching’ pain after a recent hernia surgery. I’ve seen dozens of massage therapists and work in the field myself – and I truly wish I could fly some of my clients across the country just to see Marjorie. She is one of a kind.” Dion, CA

“Thank God I found Marjorie! 3 months after having a total knee replacement, I developed nerve damage under the knee which was operated on. Marjorie was able to get me to 120 degrees of movement in my knee and take the nerve pain away. She is the best. She does fantastic work on my scar to the point I hardly notice it. She is a total pleasure to work with. Five stars aren’t enough as far as I’m concerned” Linda, Long Island

“Marjorie is a miracle worker. Her ability to work with scar tissue has saved me from having a third surgery on capsular contracture. She is so knowledgable on how scar tissue impacts your entire body and she will have you feeling like you have a new body after 1 session. I’m so grateful to have found her and her practice. She has also introduced me to cupping for my upper back stiffness and the only way I can describe it is absolutely invigorating. I am breathing and moving in a way I didn’t know was possible thanks to Marjorie” Leigh, NYC

“Marjorie Brook’s a wonderful massage therapist, extremely knowledgeable about how to improve the lack of skin elasticity secondary to radiation therapy, skillful in post-operative scar tissue release as well as improving muscle injury. She uses various techniques in order to improve long term range of motion for clients suffering from these issues. Marjorie has improved mobility thus improving my quality of life” Susan, Long Island

“My experience with Marjorie Brook as both a massage therapist & a caring individual has been life changing. I had surgery for a malignant melanoma 38 years ago leaving me with a massive scar which restricted blood flow & range of motion to my foot& ankle. Her expertise as a massage therapist has changed the physiology of my foot & ankle” Eileen, Long Island

“I’ll write a blog post later this week, but wanted to quickly share the Marjorie Brook love. After dinner Saturday night (following a seminar we were both attending), I shared my “cancer thriver with long term jacked up-ness” story with Marjorie. It took about 2 seconds for her to invite me back to their room where Marjorie worked her “special brand of magic” on my neck scar and jaw. After 16 1/2 years, I can once again feel cold and heat on my neck. My nagging left SI joint is now happy. I can speak like a “normal” person. My face is thinner. My nose is back to the center of my face. My sinuses are clear. I can HEAR out of my right ear (had no idea I wasn’t hearing well out of that ear for 16 years). In short, Marjorie changed my life. Excuse me while I go bawl like a big ol’ baby . . . again. If you or anyone you love (or even remotely care about) needs scar tissue work, Marjorie is the one to see.” K. Kuester Rossler Wasington, D.C.

“I have been going to Marjorie for Scar Tissue Release therapy for the past 6 months for a deep, indented scar. She has been able to achieve what many doctors and surgeries have not – the scar is so much smoother and flatter. She took a scar that was “stuck” in place and made it movable and flexible again. It’s amazing what she understands about the underlying tissues of my skin. I am so glad to have found her!” S. Bennett

“As a holistic health coach, I would always be one to seek drug-free methods whenever possible when it comes to achieving my wellness goals. After a horrific car accident in 1996, I had a bum knee. Walking was painful, on and off, over the past 17 years. But what sent me to the doctor was that, early in 2013, my knee began to lock on me. The locking was also very painful. It felt like nerves were being twisted and I couldn’t straighten or flex my knee. The locking started slowly and over a few months, became more and more frequent. When my knee was x-rayed, the orthopedist said, ‘your knee is bone on bone – your leg is beginning to bow…you need a new knee’! I wasn’t surprised when I saw the x-ray. I had left total knee replacement surgery in the fall of 2013. On my six-week post-surgical check-up, I was still in quite a bit of pain. My doctor’s physician’s assistant recommended different pain-killers. That seemed to me to be a band-aid approach. I wanted to know why I was still in so much pain. Six more weeks went by, and my pain level wasn’t diminishing. I went back to the surgeon’s office and was told ‘you have scar tissue’. Period. Nothing was suggested to cure it, but I was advised to get more aggressive with my PT program. This left me highly frustrated. I was also told “not everyone gets the optimal outcome (from this surgery).” At that point, the idea of me getting back to one of my favorite hobbies, line-dancing, sometime in the future seemed to be hopeless. The burning question, for me, was: What do you do when the resulting pain from scar tissue is worse than the pain that brought me to the surgical decision? Just when I was, unfortunately, resigned to the fact that I would be in pain and limping forever, I googled “scar tissue release” and “total knee replacement” and I found Marjorie Brook. All I can say is: On my first session, I “limped” into her office. Ninety minutes later, I walked out “limp free”. Right before my eyes, about three inches of my six-inch scar was practically undetectable after that VERY FIRST VISIT. I went back each week for about five weeks to see Marjorie for further scar tissue release and stretching exercises. I’m a different person. I just ordered a very cool pair of cowgirl boots! Thank you, Marjorie Brook, for restoring my hope of being active and flexible again!”R. Spinner, AS, CHHC, AADP Holistic Health Coach

“When I met Marjorie Brook, I was not aware that scar release therapy even existed. I was experiencing some back spasms so my wife had arranged an appointment for me for massage therapy and stretching. Marjorie quickly noticed the burn scars on my head and arms and began to teach me why scar tissue affects much more than simply my appearance. I agreed to split our sessions between scar therapy and stretching. At the end of the first session I was convinced I had found something important. I am a 46 year old male with extensive scarring on my head, hands, torso and legs. The majority of my scars are the result of injuries I sustained in a serious car accident in November, 1992. The accident left me with a ruptured spleen and liver, collapsed lungs and third degree burns over %17 of my body, along with several broken bones. The resulting scars from an ex-lap, chest tubes and split thickness skin grafts (along with their corresponding donor sites) have been ignored by me and every medical professional I came in contact with over the last 20 years. If the subject of my scars even came up with my doctor, the conversation would end quickly since I was comfortable with my appearance. I was not aware that scar tissue was causing me limited mobility and affecting my everyday life. Since I have been working with Marjorie, the scar tissue we have addressed is far less noticeable to others. To be specific, scars on my head and face are flatter, softer and closer in color to the surrounding skin. The large skin graft that covers most of my forehead now has no hard edges and blends smoothly with the non-grafted areas of my head. My ex-lap and chest tube scars have been completely transformed. Not only are these scars flat and hard to notice, I have a marked improvement in my ability to move and breathe. In short, my sessions with Marjorie have improved many facets of my life. K.C. Smith, Bellmore  New York

“After an accident that de-gloved my leg from mid-thigh to mid-calf, sheared off the medial conidial of my left knee, and resulted in skin grafts on a third of my leg; scar tissue limited my range of motion and caused constant edema. Traditional physical therapy had hit a wall, and ongoing plastic surgery to reduce graft areas had proved limited in its ability to address the problems.

From my first appointment with Marjorie I began seeing immediate improvements in range, and edema. She is able to improve circulation in and around scars, visibly reducing their size and  coloring, as well as eliminating their thickness until they feel smooth and pliable. Areas that have long been numb from nerve damage sustained during the accident are regaining feeling. Her technique is targeted and works with the body, yielding more substantial and less painful results than traditional physical therapy techniques or any of the other numerous treatments I have tried over the past three years. Her work has, and continues, to transform my leg and life, as I am less and less constrained by my injuries.” Victoria Bixby, New York, New York


She had had vein removal surgery about five years earlier on her right leg. The surgery had left extensive scars. The Recovery process was very slow and over the years Debra remained in pain, especially in the areas of the scars.

“I did not know that my life was about to change. I went to a vascular specialist and an acupuncturist, neither could alleviate my pain. Then I met Marjorie. Marjorie saw the condition of my leg and explained to me about scar tissue therapy and how it worked. She concentrated on my leg during the first massage and I was amazed at the immediate results. The pain had subsided and it was easier to walk. After a year of coming every other week I am completely pain free. The results of her treatment changed my life. not only for my leg but because of the overall stress relieving therapeutic experience. That certificate was the best gift I ever received!” Debra Aronoff of Old Bethpage, New York

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